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Most Common Pickering Roofing Problems You Could Have Right Now & Not Know It

Your rooftop is the most important component of your home, even if you do not realize that yet. This is the first line of defense against the elements, including severe weather related activity. So this is what safeguards the rest of your home, and the people and property inside, from the elements. Don’t you think…

Top Crucial Reasons Roof Inspections in Pickering are Necessary

One of the most important services you should be scheduling is your roof inspection in Pickering, ON. However the irony is that, even though this is one of the most important tasks to take care of, it also happens to be one the most overlooked. The good news is that we can change that trend….

What You Don’t Know About Insulation in Pickering Could Cause Real Problems

Mention insulation and many Pickering homeowners still think back to the pink fluffy sheets that were so commonly used for decades. Times have changed and so has the quality of insulation in Pickering, ON. However, if your home still has this outdated and insufficient insulation, you could be dealing with problems related to this without…

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