Roof Repairs or Replacement – How Will You Know Which is Right?

Roof Repairs or Replacement Responsible and diligent Pickering and Durham Region homeowners know to make it a point and take good care of their roofing. An important step in doing so is getting your inspections twice each year and following any severe storm activity. Of course, that also means addressing repair needs as they occur and getting replacement service, when the time is right.

Yet that is often where the confusion comes in. How do you know if it is the right time for replacement?
The average consumer is supposed to be able to rely on the input from an industry expert. However, there are one too many unscrupulous roofing contractors out there that will try to sell unnecessary services in order to make a few extra dollars.

The last thing that you want to do is discover that you paid for roofing replacement when repairs would have been sufficient. On the other hand, you do not want to settle for costly repairs and still end up replacing your roof a short time later. Let’s look at a brief rundown of some tips to avoid making a mistake, when deciding between roofing repairs or replacement.

Learning About Your Roof

While you certainly do not need to learn as much as a professional roofing contractor knows about your roof, it doesn’t hurt to be an informed homeowner and savvy consumer. Knowing even some basics can be the difference between getting duped and getting the quality service that you need. Here are a few of the fundamental principles that you should be aware of.

Know the age of your roof. This is especially important if you have purchased a previously owned home, because you should be aware of how soon you should be planing on replacing it. Either way, if a professional suggests replacement, you should have some idea of how old your roofing system is and if that seems to make sense. Except for major unforeseen damages, your roof should be able to last at least close to two decades, depending on the material and care invested into it. If someone is saying you need replacement before it should be time, make it a point to get a second opinion.

Consider the amount of damage. A small leak should be fixable and remain an affordable project. Major hail damage means that it would actually be more cost-effective to replace the roof, as well as safer since the structural integrity has been compromised.

Compare cost of repairs versus the expense of replacement – which makes more sense from a financial standpoint? For example, if the cost of your repairs is 50% or more than the current value of your roof, opt for replacement. Or, of you are going to need more repairs again soon because your roof is aging or deteriorating, it would be a wiser choice to invest the money into a whole new roof as opposed to patching the old one.

Consider the source. The best way to protect yourself from misguided information, is to only work with reputable industry experts. When in doubt, you always have the option of getting a second opinion. Don’t get bullied into making a choice, it is likely to end up a costly one that you will regret.

Learn the Name to Trust

At 360 Roof, we are proud of the fact that our name has become synonymous with superior roofing service. We take this line of work seriously and have an enormous sense of pride in all that we do. So, you can feel confident that the analysis we provide you with will be fair and accurate.

Our job is to help you get the roofing work you need but our goal is to make sure you also feel good about the decisions that you make. Because, ultimately, it still is your home, your roof and your decision to make. In fact, who you to decide to work with is also a big choice you have to make and we certainly hope you’ll make the wise decision to team up with us!

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