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Protect Your Home & Property from Unnecessary Damage

Re-roofing your home with replacement shingles can help prevent structural damage and costly repairs due to water penetration

Water entering your home as a result of worn, broken, or missing shingles can wreak havoc on its structure from the roof to the foundation.

  • Are your shingles curling or separating?
  • Do you see shingle granuals around your property?
  • Do you see peeling or bubbling paint on your ceiling?
  • Do you smell mould inside your house?


Roofing Solutions for Durham Region Homeowners

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions, you might have an issue with water finding a path through or under the shingles on your roof; this most likely means that it is time to call 360 Roofing and re-shingle that roof to protect your home and property from more extensive and expensive damage.

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Based on our years of experience in providing residential roofing solutions for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA, we are confident in our ability to deliver the same high-quality roof repairs and replacement services for the residents of Pickering, Ajax, and Whitby. Property owners in these communities and across Durham Region can expect unparalleled customer service, keen attention to detail, and excellent workmanship from our highly knowledgeable and dependable 360 Roofing crews.

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  • Jason Toronto, Canada

    “Keith was very courteous, honest and genuinely interested in the job & my concerns. In the end, the work was executed flawlessly and we are very happy with the job!”

  • Steve Toronto, Canada

    “Keith was honest, gave us an accurate quote and delivered the job on time. Hard to ask for more than that.”

  • Ben Pickering, Canada

    “I contacted Keith from 360 ROOF and had him come in to give us a quote for a new roof. He came in under budget and could complete all of the work within a time frame that suited us.”

Speak to us if you want re-roofing of the shingles done on your house.

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